About Fellowship of Martyrs

The first phase of the program fellowship of the martyrs’ was held in two time periods, during the sacred defense week and lunar month of Muharram, in 22 districts of Tehran and centers of Tehran Municipality Art and cultural Organization.


The program seeks to address the high status of martyrs, honor them and keep the memory of martyrs of the eight-year-long Sacred Defense (1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war); further, it aims at expanding and deepening an understanding of the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom among the citizens; paving the way for more people especially the young generation to follow the path of the martyrs is also among the goals of the program.


At the registration offices, the enthusiasts, hereafter called 'companions', selected one or more martyrs from among 23,000 martyrs buried in the Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetery, in southern Tehran, and received the plaque of fellowship of the respective martyr(s). Registering in the program website, the companions committed themselves to visit the martyrs’ tombs every Thursday night and cleanse and perfume the graves.


The department of the program, with Mr. Sa'adat as the secretary, was established at Rezvan Cultural Center and an SMS system was also launched as a way to keep in touch with the registrants.


After successful run of the program and the huge reception of Tehran citizens, in the week of natural resources, a number of seedlings were planted in some parks in memory of the martyrs.


The ceremony was attended by the directors, deputies and employees of certain cultural centers in 22 disrcts of Tehran Municipality Art and Cultural Organization as well as cultural and artistic personalities and families of martyrs.


In the event, each of the companions was given a tree seedling to be planted in the week of natural resources in the announced areas. It was a symbolic attempt to achieve common goals and to revive the values for which the martyrs sacrificed their lives.


The first gathering of the companions was held on March, 11, 2015, in Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetery.


The event included performances of street theater groups and student chorus, military march by the Army Military Police, poetry recital, honoring the families of shrine defender martyrs, unveiling the book of the fellowship, cleansing and perfuming the tombs by the companions, and setting up art and culture booths.


To learn more about the program, contact +98 21 66902138.